As troops swarm Washington, Democrats send clear message: We’re in charge now

De etablerede danske medier tegner et ensidigt, fordrejet billede af amerikansk politik. Vi har derfor besluttet at bringe mere balance i USA-dækningen ved at videreformidle udvalgte artikler fra medier, der ligger på den højre side af USA’s politiske spektrum.

“The Democratic Party is using the military of the United States as a political weapon, to send the rest of us a message about power: ‘We’re in charge now’. The generals have sent tens of thousands of soldiers with rifles to Washington purely as a show of force on behalf of the political party they support. The soldiers have been given orders to shoot their fellow Americans if necessary. Democrats ordered that the troops submit to a political purity test – ‘ideological vetting’, as they put it – to make certain that every soldier professes loyalty to the new regime. Not loyalty to our country, not loyalty to our Constitution, but loyalty to the aims of a specific political party. No officer at Pentagon has resigned in protest of conducting background checks on people because of their race or sex or their political views. Nothing like that has ever happened in America and just a few months ago, it would have been unimaginable. If you’re hoping America will revert to normal on Wednesday afternoon after Joe Biden is sworn in as president, you are an optimist. Something awful has been unleashed on our country. Unchecked, it will inevitably lead to more awful things. Every action provokes a reaction. That is both physics and human nature”. (Fox News. Read more here.)