24NYT.dk is a conservative online news website launched in Denmark in early 2017 as a counterweight to the Danish mainstream media that provide news and opinion from a left-wing, socialist perspective.

As a values-based news outlet, we believe that it is vitally important that we are transparent about our beliefs and how they may affect our coverage priorities. We believe that we should be open about values we hold, rather than hiding behind a veneer of “unbiased” coverage.

Thus, editorially, 24NYT espouses politically conservative, non-socialist positions on most issues. We are unapologetically pro-conservative Republicans, pro-Brexit, pro-Israel, pro-free market economy, pro-free speech, and pro-Europe of sovereign nations. And we are unapologetically against socialism, European supranationalism and Muslim migration to Europe.

In our news coverage, we do not support political parties or specific candidates. In our opinion and blog sections, our contributors do, however, support ideas that those parties or political candidates may espouse.

Denmark is by no means the utopia that Danish politicians, government officials and mainstream media claim it to be. On the contrary, it is a real country with real problems and huge challenges symptomatic of quasi-socialist systems. Therefore, in our news coverage, we strive to expose the un-utopian realities behind the official Danish propaganda.

Since 24NYT does not receive government subsidies, we base our publishing model on subscriptions by individuals and organizations who share our values and mission.