SUNDHED: Sundhedsvæsenet under indvandrerpres

Health economist Kjeld Møller Pedersen from the University of Southern Denmark points out that a population of more and more older people eats a large part of the money spent in these years by politicians for health care, writes Ritzau.

The health economist has forgotten to mention that the demographic pressure on health care is primarily due to the dramatic growth in the number of immigrants.

According to new figures from Statistics Denmark, we have become 5.8 million inhabitants, and in 8 years there will be more than 6 million. people in Denmark. The increase is mainly due to immigrants, migrants and their descendants, which, according to Statistics Denmark, will constitute 1.3 million of Denmark’s population in 2060.

The massive population growth means that the Medical Council, which assesses new hospital medicine in relation to the costs, will have to prioritize costs in the coming years. Danish patients can therefore expect that the best treatment will not be available in the future.

On the other hand, there is no need to save on the costs of immigration and integration. They spend at least 33 billion. DKK per year, and according to the Ministry of Finance’s projection until 2100, Denmark will be charged with this expense for the next 82 years. It is money that comes from the well-being and health of the Danes.

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