Major Prediction About Donald Trump and the Republican Party

De etablerede danske medier tegner et ensidigt, fordrejet billede af amerikansk politik. Vi har derfor besluttet at bringe mere balance i USA-dækningen ved at videreformidle udvalgte artikler fra medier, der ligger på den højre side af USA’s politiske spektrum.

“There is no Republican alternative to Trump and there doesn’t need to be — there is literally no one in American politics right now better position or better better suited to lead a GOP comeback. As the NeverTrump movement falls apart on the right (or dissolves into scandal), and a left drunk with power begins to show itself again as the real danger it is to the future of the country, Republicans need to stick to the platform that won the presidency in 2016, should have won it again in 2020 and is within a whisker of holding majorities in the House and Senate”. (Western Journal. Read more here.)